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Professional Vehicle Servicing

Without regular maintenance and checks it can become easy for your car to become damaged, the longer it is left, the more expensive it can be to repair so it’s always a good idea to have your vehicle taken to a car servicing centre in Milton Keynes.

Our service packages are available at an affordable price and aim to make sure that all of the standards of a working vehicle are met. During a car service, we will replace spark plugs and carry out necessary things such as oil changes if needed. We ensure we check every part of your car to make sure that even the smallest of problems are not bypassed, more often than not our customers pair our car servicing with an MOT to prepare their car for the year ahead.

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We Have Over

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25 Years Experience

With over 25 years experience we can ensure your car service is carried out fully and pick up on any potential issues.

High-Quality Service

We received 9/10 from all of our customers based on a service quality questionnaire and pride ourselves on quality control.

Qualified Technicians

All of our technicians are experienced in car servicing and can provide the best service to get your car back on the road.

"I recently had my car serviced at CVS MK; they were sincere when I needed a part replacing and did not overcharge me at all. Really pleased with the service I received from the guys and will definitely be returning when my MOT is due."

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