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Affordable MOT Testing

It is crucial that your annual MOT test is performed by a fully qualified and registered MOT testing centre in Milton Keynes. An extensive list of vehicle parts are checked in your annual MOT, excluding your engine, clutch and gearbox. The full test will take around 45 minutes to an hour to complete, and you have the choice of waiting in our office or dropping your vehicle off and picking it up later.

We understand that unfortunately, it is common for small, unavoidable aspects to fail during your annual test. If this is to occur, we will comply a list with a detailed breakdown of all issues with an explanation of the cause and urgency to repair. Our expert mechanics can advise you on the best way to resolve any highlighted faults and if agreed, can book you in within the next couple of days for repairs.

Some aspects of your vehicle that may cause your vehicle to fail its MOT can be avoidable through carrying out regular maintenance tasks. These include tasks such as ensuring you top up your screen wash, having a clearly visible registration plate and warning lights on your dashboard.

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A huge percentage of our customers return to CVS MK year on year for their annual service; this is just some of the many reasons why they continuously choose us.

Over 25 Years of Experience

Our expert mechanics have over 25 years of quality experience so know the ins and outs of the workings of all vehicles and know the key aspects to look out for when testing your vehicle for its MOT.

Cheaper Than Big Brands

We maintain the promise of only charging customers what is required for our service rather than adding extra, unnecessary fees without compromising on quality.

Available On All Models

All car models can book in for their annual MOT at our registered testing centre; our mechanics will use their extensive knowledge to tailor their services to suit the needs of your vehicle.

"I’ve had a few bad experiences in the past with other garages claiming my car failed its MOT due to loads of different issues that needed to be fixed urgently meaning I ended up spending a fortune. I felt like I was being ripped off but didn’t want to risk falling into problems. I decided to try booking in my annual MOT at CVS MK this year, and I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough. They were so thorough and explained to me all the issues I had in detail and what they recommend needed to be repaired. The prices were so reasonable, and the team are a lot more genuine than my past experiences, I’ll definitely be returning next year!"

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