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Professional Auto Electrics

Any electrical equipment that is installed within your vehicle come under the definition of auto electrics. This ranges from the most basic equipment such as heating and air conditioning spanning to satellite navigation and entertainment portals. Here at CVS MK safety comes first meaning that we can undergo a full diagnostic investigation into the internal wiring of your electrics to ensure that there is no prospect for future risks. If you opt for re-vamping your vehicle with additional equipment such as extra lighting or security systems, our experienced electrical mechanics can also assist you with the installation.

  • If there is a specific piece of equipment you require, we can help to source auto electrics in Milton Keynes
  • Installation times are kept to the minimum to avoid customers waiting around
  • We use advanced installation techniques to make modifications unnoticeable

We Have Over

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We pride ourselves on providing each and every customer with a tailored auto electric installation and testing to suit their vehicle. Our customer satisfaction guarantee starts from the moment you contact us, all the way to when you finally collect our vehicle.

Experienced Mechanics

Our mechanics have over 25 years of experience, so can recommend the most effective auto electrics and provide useful advice.

Affordable Fees

Unlike many garages, we never try to charge more than required for our services. We take an honest approach to repairs and installations.

Advanced Testing Equipment

Keep your vehicle safe on the roads by booking in to get your auto electrics tested at CVS MK. We use only the most advanced diagnostic equipment.

"I have a Ford KA, which I’ve always loved but the only downside was that there was no air conditioning. I work around an hour away from home, so driving to and from work in the warmer weather was a nightmare. My partner has had a lot of work done to his car at CVS MK and didn’t have a bad word to say about them, so suggested that I see what they can do for me in time for Summer. They managed to fit me in later on that week and fit a fully functioning air conditioning system within a couple of hours. They couldn’t do enough to help me, and you would never be able to tell that my car didn’t originally have it!"

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