A black box is a small box that is often fitted to the car of young drivers that helps collect driving data and works out a specific driving style of an individual. This is done by assessing braking and cornering, as well as monitoring speed and distance travelled through the day and night. As it is only around the size of a smart phone, it can easily be installed to a car and blend seamlessly within a vehicle’s interior.

Why Install A Black Box?

Statistics show that the highest percentage of people involved in road accidents are young drivers, as well as inexperienced drivers, which is why black boxes are commonly installed in cars of newer drivers. A black box is something that is readily available through insurance companies, in order to reduce the probability of this happening.

Insurance providers that fit black boxes will have a strict set of guidelines that must be followed in order for you to remain as one of their customers. If you break these guidelines or refuse to follow the rules after accepting the policy details, your insurance could be voided or cancelled. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to stay on track with a black box; with the only people experiencing issues being those who refuse to stick to speed limits or drive dangerously. All in all a black box is a fantastic way to keep you safe on the road, and prep you for safe driving even when you no longer have it fitted. Therefore, if you’re a young or a new driver and are currently debating whether or not you want or need a black box, we have listed some of the main benefits they can bring, to not only yourself, but other road users too.

Cheaper Insurance

The main benefit of a black box is the large chunk of money it can save you. Insurance for a new or young driver is already expensive, so without a black box, insurance prices can begin to skyrocket. If you’re paying your insurance yourself this can be a difficult situation; whether you’re a uni student and have no steady income, or you’re currently studying, then it can be challenging to come up with a lump sum of money to pay off your insurance all at once, or even cover the monthly payments.

So agreeing to have a black box is one of the best ways to make your insurance much more cost-friendly and suited to your budget. Because the black box device is collecting data and feeding it back to your insurance provider, they can be reassured that you’re safe on the road and are not likely to cause an accident; therefore significantly reducing your insurance quote.

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Although a black box may seem like a pain initially, it is there for your safety and can guarantee that you will be safer on the roads. If you’re in a severe accident, you might not be able to ring up your insurance and let them know, or as a matter of fact, let anyone know!

This is dangerous, as it’s important for somebody to know that you have been in a serious accident no matter when or what time it took place. A black box will notify your insurance provider that there has been an impact to your vehicle, it measures G-force and will recognise the strong force of impact as a crash. This data will then be recorded and can be analysed in order to work out what could’ve potentially happened. It’s useful in a situation where the other driver will not accept liability for causing an accident, as your insurer will be able to provide you with information like how fast you were going, where you were and where the crash took place.

If you believe that the crash was not your fault, then it will be a lot easier for you to build up a case to prove this and fight your corner. More often than not, if you have more evidence than the other driver and can prove it, you will be successful.

Prevents Car Theft

Car theft crime rate is slowly rising, as people are becoming more technical and finding new ways to break into vehicles undetected. Car theft can be devastating; a car is not a cheap expense, so to have it taken from you without a trace can be terrible. However, not to worry, police officers are cracking down on this, and are also improving ways in which they can catch car thieves before they get too far away with your car and disappear.

In this instance, a black box could be your saving grace if your car is stolen. Generally, with most insurance companies, you will have access to a dashboard that you can log into to check your driving statistics. Usually, there will be an option to see your journeys and how many miles have accumulated. By tracking your most recent drives, if someone has taken your car this can be incredibly helpful in you tracking them down.

If you don’t have a dashboard however, or cannot view your previous journeys, contact your insurance company and they will be able to track the current location of your black box and pinpoint the location of your vehicle. Not only this, but if your car has been stolen and you are aware of it instantly, you can contact your insurance provider to let them know. In some cases, your black box will have the ability to immobilise your entire car and prevent the thief from disappearing miles away with your vehicle before it can be located.

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Easy Installation

Black box installation doesn’t require you to travel to a specific location. As long as you are with your vehicle, it can be carried out at a location suitable to you, whether that be at home, work or university. Just make sure to have scheduled an appointment and agreed a timeframe with your chosen fitter that is convenient to you and your schedule. As long as they have a way to contact you should any problems arise, the fitting process should be relatively hassle free.

Be sure to check with your insurance provider as to how much the black box fitting will cost. It usually is around £25 but will have to be paid when the fitting is taking place, so it’s a good idea to double check this before your appointment. Whatever location you decide on, all the fitter will need are your car keys and a timeframe of around 20-40 minutes to complete the installation, dependent on the model and style of your car. This will enable you to get on with your daily routine wherever you are, while the blackbox is being fitted.


A lot of people assume that black boxes are strict and will cancel policies the first time you make a mistake. However, this is not the case! Black boxes do not score unfairly – they simply assess your driving technique and calculate an overall average score. The most frequently recorded driving techniques are cornering, speed, breaking and smoothness. If you have a significantly lower rating on one of these, as long as you score well on everything else, it will not drag down your overall calculation too much. It’s a good idea to read up on what your specific black box measures however, so you can ensure to pay close attention to this while you are driving.

Some insurance companies will put a curfew on black boxes, that when driven late at night or really early in the morning can have a substantial adverse effect on your score. In some cases, drivers have had their policies cancelled due to continuous late night driving, as this is when most accidents are likely to happen. However, black box insurance is exceptionally flexible, making it possible for you to find a black box insurance policy without a curfew, but it may be slightly higher in cost.

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Peace Of Mind

You may not worry about your driving ability and being out late at night or driving during bad weather, but your parents do! Especially for young drivers, peace of mind is an essential thing for parents who are wanting to know that their children are safe. When you first pass your test, it’s guaranteed that you will be slightly nervous and a little bit slow when it comes to driving, but it’s better to be over-cautious.

When you begin to get a little more confident however and start going on long distance trips or driving late at night, your parents and family members may start to worry. By installing a black box, your parents know that someone is always analysing your driving data and that everything will be recorded instantly if something was to happen. As well as this, they can check driving locations and scores to ensure that you’re driving safely.

Earn Rewards

The best part about having a black box is that you can earn money back and rewards by driving correctly. With standard insurance policies, you pay your monthly expense or the bulk amount upfront and then that’s it. Whereas black box policies offer their customers incentives for driving safe and sticking to the rules of the road.

These rewards are available in many different forms. One of which is receiving cash back, which is typically given to customers in the form of card that is like a Mastercard and can be used in shops or online. Another way of receiving rewards is in vouchers, which can either be used in shops, or even restaurants. Insurance companies have been known to reward their customers with Love2Shop vouchers in a bid to get them the keep driving safely.

Most insurance companies will split the policy year into quarters and give their younger drivers the opportunity to save money on their future insurance quarters. Because of this, you could end up saving hundreds of pounds on your insurance policy.

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Save On Your Next Policy

Having all data on record surrounding your driving means that your previous insurer can pass this over to your next policy. If your data is good and shows that you have been driving well, your next insurer has the reassurance that your driving quality is reliable and will offer you a lower quote.

If you’re looking for a new insurance policy, you can use websites like GoCompare, uSwitch and Compare The Market. These sites will take all of your information and identify the most affordable insurance policies best suited to you, based on how often you drive and including things like cover options, such as recovery Milton Keynes.

Save On Your Insurance Today

Overall a black box installation is very beneficial for new and younger drivers. It’s money saving and can help drivers stay safe on the road. For more information on our car repairs Milton Keynes or our DPF hydro cleaning Milton Keynes to keep your car in good shape, please feel free to contact a member of our team today!

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