Winter car care is essential at this time of year. Your car is most likely to break down or fail during the freezing months, but you can minimise the chance of this happening by ensuring that it is cared for properly.

Why Use Winter Car Care Tips?

Although you may not even consider preparing your car for the Winter, it’s crucial that you take extra precautions to ensure that its in the best condition possible and running efficiently. Freezing and wet weather can begin to take its toll on your car, no matter how old or new it is.

The elements are responsible every year for causing damage to your home, car and much more. If ice regularly gets to your vehicle as well as wet weather, then over time it can begin to wear down your car. When your vehicle is left sitting in the elements for too long, then you may find that the underside of your car becomes affected and can result in further damage. At other times in the year, your car would not normally experience this kind of damage. The metal bracket that holds your exhaust up underneath your car can be corroded by rain and bad weather when not checked. This means that your exhaust can fall off while you are driving, which is not a cheap fix! By simply making sure that your car is kept in good condition you can ensure that your daily life is not interrupted and that you aren’t paying hundreds of pounds on car repairs Milton Keynes and maintenance.

Get A Service

Servicing your car is key to ensuring your vehicle runs efficiently year round. Often vehicle owners forget to take their car for a service as they don’t want to spend the money on something unnecessary. Although, not servicing your car could end up costing you more money than it would to get your vehicle serviced yearly. The most likely thing to fail on your car during the Winter is your engine, without the right amount of engine coolant and checks, it’s easy enough for it to freeze up or become faulty.

During a car service one of the main components of your car that engineers focus on is your engine. They will be checked extensively and undergo plenty of checks to ensure that it’s in good working condition. The service of your engine includes checking components such as the radiator, spark plugs, exhaust, air and fuel filters, clutch, auxiliary drive belt and much more. As well as this, things such as windscreen wipers and lights will be checked and replaced if found faulty, and your oil levels or engine coolant will be topped up if needed.

car service

New Tyres

Tyres are one of the most essential things to have during the Winter. Old worn out tyres will have balded, sometimes to the point where they have next to no grip – which is needed most during this time of year. Tyre replacements are often one of the most cost-effective improvements to your car and will help have better control over your car in the bad weather. When it comes to winter, there is the odd occasion we whiteness snow, if your tyres do not have enough tread your more likely to slip and slide around. This is not only dangerous to yourself, but you are also putting other road users at risk.

If you want to have extra support and ensure that you have taken all measurements to stay safe and get your car ready for Winter, why not buy Winter car tyres? Standard tyres stiffen when temperatures drop to a low degree; Winter Tyres have a higher silica content and a flexible tread pattern that stays this way even in the coldest weather. These tyres give much better performance and control throughout ice, snow and even wet weather.

Pump Your Tyres Up

If you don’t want to or can’t yet entirely replace your car’s tyres, then it’s important that you make regular checks of the pressure levels and fill them up when they get too low. You can use a tyre pressure gauge to check the pressure of your tyres from home; then you can take your car to either a petrol station with an air pump, or have a car garage fill up your tyres with air.

As well as just your tyre inflation, you should also be sure to check your tyre tread depth. There is actually a legal requirement that your tyre tread depth has to meet of 1.6mm. Any less than this and you are driving your car with not only illegal tyres, but also dangerous. Tread depth affects the grip that your vehicle has on the road if the tread depth is lower than the legal requirement, your tyres are classed as bald and dangerous, and you can even fail your MOT with bald tyres.

tyre pressure checker

Make Sure You Get Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover during the Winter is essential, as we previously mentioned it’s more likely for your car to fail or breakdown during the Winter months. When trying to travel long distance in poor weather, you can sometimes result in a car breakdown. If you don’t have breakdown cover, you could find yourself sat around waiting for collection from a friend or family member for hours, especially if you are far away. Recovery Milton Keynes allows you to have the certainty of speedy collection when you need it most.

Waiting around stranded in an environment that you don’t know can be nerve-wracking, and it can be incredibly boring and uncomfortable in cold weather. We would recommend investing in a vehicle breakdown recovery service.

Check Your Car Battery

Your car battery is one of the most important components of your vehicle, without it your car wouldn’t be able to run. It’s the source that powers your lights, engine, dashboard and basically all of the electrical components of your car. Which is why if your car battery dies, it’s almost impossible to get your car started. The only thing that can do this is by jump-starting your car. You can do this by someone using jump leads to connect their vehicle to your battery and using energy from their car to start your own.

Although this will work in an emergency or short-term, once turned off it’s unlikely that you will be able to get your car started again if the battery is completely flat. If you are driving with a low car battery if you temporarily stop then your vehicle could be undrivable. This isn’t immediately fixable, so it is unlikely you will be able to use your car until you get a battery replacement, unless you use temporary jump starting. You can often tell that your car battery needs replacing, some of the main signs are a slow starting engine, your engine light coming on, or a low battery fluid level. Take a look here for more advice on signs that your car battery could be due for a replacement.

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Clean Or Replace Your Lights

A lot of people drive during bad weather or the night time with a damaged or blown light bulb, completely unaware. Unless you are facing something like a garage door when turning your car on in the dark, it can be difficult to know if your car’s lights are broken. If one of your car lights is faulty and is only very dimly lit, it will still produce some form of light, which may lead you to believe that they are still functioning as usual.

Driving in the dark with insufficient lighting from your headlights or brake lights is extremely dangerous. Your lights do not only help you have a better vision of the roads ahead in the dark, but they also warn other road users that you’re approaching, which is vital on skinnier or one-way country roads. It’s extremely dangerous to drive around with any of your vehicle bulbs damaged. Your brake lights indicate to road users behind you that you are slowing down. If your brake lights are damaged or not working, it can be a lot more difficult to warn others that you are slowing down, which can cause people to go into the back of you at high speeds.

In regards to things such as fog lights, this is just as dangerous. During thick fog, your headlights will only give you limited help and can even make your vision worse. Fog lights must be used during dense fog, if your fog lights are broken it is going to be extremely difficult for you to see around and in front of you. We must stress how important it is to make sure that all of your vehicle lights and indications are working, these are vital to keeping yourself as well as other road users safe when driving – especially in the night.

Also, make sure that if it has been a frosty evening and you are going out that you de-ice or clean your lights. Even small things such as thin ice can prevent your lights from emitting their full brightness and can stop road users from noticing you.

Wash Your Windscreen

By this, we do not mean ensure that you have enough windscreen wash to quickly wipe your front and back windows. You should give your windscreen a proper wipe down and clean to ensure that it is in excellent condition. In wet weather its common for road grit, dirty water and much more to get thrown onto your windscreen. When left this can cause a build-up of dirt and grime and can even make it difficult to see through.

You can clean your windscreen efficiently in a matter of minutes just to ensure that you are ready to drive with full vision of everything around you. Take a look here for windscreen cleaning tips.

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Prepare Your Car For Winter

By using these top tips, you can make sure that your car stays in mint condition even though some of the harshest weather types. It’s incredibly important that you go above and beyond to ensure that you keep yourself as well as other road users safe. For more information on engine cleaning Milton Keynes, please be sure to contact a member of our team today.

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