When thinking about putting your car up for sale, one of the things you may want to consider is how you can improve your car value.

Why Boost Your Car Value?

Your car value can vary depending on the age, design and mileage that your car holds. Other than this, modifications can either dramatically increase, or decrease your vehicles resale value.

A car is an expensive investment, especially with all of the new vehicle models coming out as well as electric vehicles. So in order for you to have a good deposit to put forward, or to have extra money to put towards a better car, we recommend boosting the value of your car to widen your choice of vehicles. Boosting the value of your vehicle doesn’t have to be costly, there are plenty of ways that you can increase your cars resale value without breaking the bank.

So if you are looking for affordable ways to boost your car’s value before you put it up for sale, then keep reading! We’ve devised a list of the best things for you to do to ensure your car is in good condition and ready to sell on.

Change Oil Regularly

Although it’s a small component of your car that often slips your mind, your vehicles oil levels can have a significant effect on its overall performance, as well as condition. If oil isn’t changed or kept at a good level, it can begin to cause a lot of issues for your car. The most probable issue that would arise is your engine overheating.

Without an adequate amount of oil, the parts of your engine can quickly overheat. This will then cause your engine to stop working efficiently. If this is left, your engine could end up seizing up entirely. This means you would need a completely new engine, or if the expenses are too much, you could even end up having to buy a new car. By changing your oil regularly, and especially before long journeys, you can prevent this from happening and keep your vehicle’s engine in better condition.

changing car oil

No Smoking

They banned smoking indoors due to the lasting effect it has on interiors. For example, yellowing walls and causing wallpaper to peel from the walls – as well as being bad for you! Although smoking in your car will not have effects this drastic, they can greatly decrease the selling rate and price you get for your car.

Cigarettes often cause damage to cars that you do not necessarily see, burning holes in seats, holes in the footwell. These are all damages that will put off potential buyers. As well as this, smoking in your car for a prolonged period of time can begin the yellow the interior roof of your car, just as it would to a room. The smell will take a while to disappear and lingers for a long time, which is why we recommend you limit the amount you smoke in your car, if not completely eradicate the habit.

Reduce Eating And Drinking

It can be hard to not eat in your car, especially when you take a trip to the McDonalds drive-thru. But you should try and limit the amount you eat in your car, especially if you are thinking about selling your vehicle. Fast food generally creates an aroma that can linger for quite some time, if you have someone to come and look at your car, do not eat in your car.

As well as this spillages can be a nightmare to get out. Often, drivers on their way to work will make their morning coffee run at Starbucks. When you are driving, it’s possible for your coffee to lose its balance and to spill. Coffee or milk-based drinks are one of the worst things you can spill in your car, even when cleaned up immediately it can have an overpowering smell of old, going off dairy. Limit your eating and drinking in your car, small snacks are okay or bottled water, but anything else you buy should be eaten somewhere other than your car.

driving drinking coffee

Get A Deep Clean

Taking your car to a cleaning service is highly recommended before you even put it up for sale. If you put up a photo of a dirty uncleaned car, it can dramatically reduce the amount of money that a potential buyer is willing to pay for it. If selling your car, or even just trying to increase its value, you should make it look as good as new.

Unfortunately, car cleaning places do not always have the time to do a complete deep clean of your car. If your boot is full of things, they will not be able to properly clean it out. As well as this, they will clean foot mats and hoover them, but they won’t be able to get rid of stains or any damage. You can get new footwell mats if they have any damage, or use something like Vanish to tackle any harsh stains.

To give your car a complete deep clean, you may have to do some parts yourself. Car washes typically deal with the exterior pretty well, but interiors might need slightly more work. Take a look at this article for some tips on how you can deep clean your car.

Drive Steadily

Your style of driving has a stupendous effect on the condition of your car. Your vehicle’s parts can be kept in good condition by riving steadily, a lot of professional recommend driving as if you had a bowl of water on your lap, and to not let it spill. This guarantees a smooth and safe style of driving.

You can improve this also by avoiding breaking erratically, as this will work as a catalyst for brake pad wear, resulting in brake pad replacements Milton Keynes. As well as this, try to avoid harsh acceleration, and if you have a manual car, try and change gears sooner rather than later as this can help keep your engine in good condition.

driving at night

Increase Your Cars Value

By following these steps, you can increase the value of your vehicle in no time! Selling your car can be a long process, but by using platforms such as AutoTrader, you can speed up the process and find your new car! For more information on things such as car battery replacement Milton Keynes, please contact a member of our team today!

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