It’s important to know winter driving tips when it gets to the freezing weather, driving is dangerous, and you should take precautionary measurements to ensure your safety.

Why Use Winter Driving Tips?

Driving in standard dry weather is also dangerous, let alone with the risks of ice, snow and flooding. At the end of the year, as Christmas approaches, we say bye to the beautiful summer weather and start wrapping up to prepare ourselves for snow and cold weather. Unfortunately, along with this weather not only does it mean you have to start cranking your heating up, it means you have to prepare to drive in some awful weather.

Snow is one of the hardest conditions to drive in, it turns icy and can result in sliding, spinning out and losing control of your vehicle. If the snow is inches deep and you are struggling to even get your car out of the parking space, we recommend not even attempting to drive anywhere, as its likely that the conditions are too severe. If this is the case, let your employer know that you can’t drive, it’s not worth putting yourself in danger.

However if you have the need to drive, or feel like the conditions are not yet severe enough to stop your journey, take these winter driving tips into consideration before you set off.

Top Up Your Tank

With awful weather conditions, the likelihood is that there is going to be a lot of closed off roads, traffic and diversions. Because of this, you should always make sure you have a full tank ready for your journey. If you were to set off and become trapped in a large traffic jam or find yourself in a situation where you are stuck in snow, you are going to need to run your car and keep warm.

Cars quickly lose their warmth once the heating is turned off, even if you break down and somebody is on their way to get you, it’s still enough to become cold and uncomfortable. And in some circumstances, you could be waiting hours for recovery, because of this people often desert their cars and clog up the roads.

filling up car fuel tank

Carry A Winter Breakdown Kit

And if you do break down, it’s essential that you have supplies on hand to get you through it, as at this time of year you could be waiting a long time for recovery – especially if you are far away from home.

Store a box in your boot containing all of your items, or you can even have them loose in your boot. Include de-icer, blankets, mobile phone charger, torch and a shovel. These are all helpful supplies that could help you and make the waiting process more comfortable if you do break down.

Keep Your Distance

As annoying it can be if someone is moving at a painfully slow pace, this is how you must travel in this sort of weather.

Tailgating is now a chargeable offence, if it can be proved often with dashcam footage, so should not be how you are driving in normal weather anyways. Cars are prone to skidding in this kind of weather, if you are too close to someones back bumper, or are driving fast and have to suddenly break, the likelihood is that you are going to spin out into them or go into the back of them. Even soft, gentle breaking in this weather is sometimes not enough, so be wary and don’t let yourself get into this kind of situation.

cars moving slow in snow

Check Your Tyre Tread Depth

Your tyre tread depth is so important even when the weather isn’t bad. These are responsible for the grip you have on the road, and if you leave your tyres to bald this can result in spinning out and skidding even in damp conditions.

In snow and ice, your tread depth is one of the most valuable components of your car. This will keep you stuck to the road and can minimise the chances of you skidding or losing control. There is an actual legal requirement of your tyre tread depth having to be a minimum of 1.6mm. Because of this, if you take your car in for an MOT Milton Keynes with bald tyres, you can actually fail your entire MOT and won’t be able to drive until they are replaced. Be sure to check your tyre tread depth before driving in harsh weather conditions, as its essential, if your tyres are bald you are much more likely to have a skidding accident.

If you are anxious, you can invest in a pair of winter tyres, specially designed for these weather conditions. They contain a higher amount of silica within the tread, which improves the grip in the cold as well as wet conditions.

Invest In Breakdown Recovery

Most people have breakdown cover year round. If you break down somewhere far away from your home, it can be extremely difficult to find someone close to you who is able to pick you up. Although during snow and ice, breakdown recovery may take longer than unusual it is a lot better than being stuck on the side of the motorway in the freezing cold for hours.

Here at CVS, we supply year-round breakdown recovery service, so if you get stuck during the harsh weathers, we will be able to come to get you in no time. Please take into consideration what we previously mentioned about having supply’s on hand in the case of a breakdown.

Breakdown recovery often isn’t an affordable service and can be paid for in monthly instalments. Please be sure to contact your provider and be sure that you are receiving the best possible price for your breakdown recovery service Milton Keynes.

breakdown recovery for couple

Drive Safe During Winter

Be sure to incorporate these top tips into your driving habits, if you do this you can guarantee that you will be safe on the icy roads. Be sure to use tyre pressure checker and have regular water and oil checks to ensure that your vehicle is in good health before you make any long journeys in bad weather.

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