Electric cars in the previous years have been quickly rising in popularity. The benefits of electric cars are being made more known and being used to encourage road users to switch their regular vehicles to electric powered vehicles.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Cars?

Electric vehicles have become very beneficial not just to road users, but also to the environment. Which is why there is such a widespread speculation about them within the media and news stories. Ahead in the electric vehicle market at the moment are big brands such as Nissan who have recently just released a brand new electrical powered vehicle.

If you are struggling to decide whether you want to stick with your petrol or diesel powered vehicle, we have listed a set of benefits that an electric car has to help you make your decision. A lot of people fear changing to electric cars down to the fact that they were at one point not as visually appealing as other cars. But with years of research and design options expanding, you can now purchase an electric vehicle which has the same, if not a better design than most other vehicles. So if you are currently thinking about making the transition we have listed a few of the main benefits that come with owning an electrical motor, so keep reading!

Cheaper To Run

If something is cheaper than what you are already paying, why wouldn’t you want to change? An electrical vehicle is proven to work out cheaper in the long run than owning a petrol or diesel vehicle.

Without a petrol or diesel tank and your car being powered solely on electricity, you eliminate the need for trips to the petrol station and cut out the costs of filling up. Although you will still have to pay for electricity to power your car, the costs work out a lot cheaper than what it would be costing you to fill up your tank, especially if you make regular long distance trips. Compare the costs with this electricity vs fuel calculator.

Cheaper To Maintain

As well as fuel costs, electric vehicles are overall easier to maintain and require less work as opposed to standard cars which have many more parts. When you take your vehicle in for an MOT Milton Keynes, they check the majority of your vehicles parts and have to stick to a strict guideline of everything that they check.

With more parts to check, there’s a likely possibility that your vehicle could need some repairs – which can become costly. With electric vehicles, their main parts consist of a battery, brakes and a few other bits. They don’t have exhaust or anywhere near as much machinery and parts as a standard vehicle has. Because of this, if you have an electric vehicle, you will need a lot less servicing, and vehicle health check up’s – thus saving yourself the expenses!

As well as this, in the event in which your car does need repairs, it’s a lot less likely to be something as costly such as a catalytic converter in a standard car, the only thing that needs yearly check-ups and replacement after 8 years is the car battery.

car servicing

Easier And Convenient

How many times have you forgotten to fill up your car while out? You’ve then had the struggle of dragging yourself out of bed on a Sunday night to the petrol station to fill up to get to work the upcoming day – it can be a real pain! With an electric vehicle, you have the benefit of being able to charge your car at home whenever you want, without having to do anything.

You can install home electric car charging units for an affordable price which can allow you to charge your vehicle from home. Typically these are installed either at the front of your property or in your garage for simplicity. An electrician can install these for an affordable price and often take only a few hours for installation to be complete.

Better For The Environment

A lot of the main issues within the environment come from the carbon emissions let out from cars. Exhausts and engine systems release poisonous gasses into the air that increase air pollution and make air quality drop. With the combination of billions of people driving cars all around the world, it has started to have a really damaging, adverse effect on our planet.

Electric vehicles are the answer to this problem; there has recently been a law put into place, that within the year 2040 all cars used on the roads must be electrically powered. This is due to the fact that electrical energy is renewable, we will never run out, and we don’t need to go to extreme lengths to get hold of it. It’s a lasting source that can power homes, cars, gadgets and much more which is why it’s so useful.

Most of the electric vehicles produced are made out of eco-friendly materials that are strong and sturdy, while also being recyclable to help the environment and stop mass rubbish and loose car parts in landfills.

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Safety Improvements

With the constant advancement of technology and with new ideas and prospects being churned out every day, electric vehicles have a lot more safety features and have a lot more put in place to keep drivers safe.

Things like titanium steel are often used nowadays, it’s seen as more crash proof as well as easier to maintain with harsh weather conditions and many more issues. As well as this you have things like braking systems that will lock, as well as steering systems that will move the vehicle over slightly and take control if the car feels like you are in too close proximity of something. These are handy and could save you from crashing your car – so they’re worth having!

Enquire About An Electrical Vehicle Today

Listed here are the best electrical vehicles of 2018, use these nominations to help you make your decision on which car is best suited for you. Remember each car will have a different price bracket dependant on the brand, the year and the model. So pick something suited to your budget as well as your lifestyle. For any other things like clutch inspections Milton Keynes, please be sure to contact a member of our team today for more information!

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