Fuel costs can be extremely expensive dependant on your tank size, as well as whether you need petrol or diesel and how far you drive. It’s important to try and save fuel for your own benefits.

Why Save Fuel?

Saving fuel doesn’t only save you money, it helps the economy. In the recent years, there have been countless stories in the news about reducing carbon emissions and reducing air pollution. It’s crucial that if you live in a busy town or city, you do your bit to reduce carbon emissions as there is continuously stationary traffic and rush hour traffic jams.

Although there has been the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles in recent years that have become widely popular and have proven successful in almost completely eradicating carbon emissions. The most popular vehicle brands for producing these are Toyota, Tesla and Nissan. But the majority of car owners in the UK still own petrol or diesel fuelled cars, which is why we have created an article stating the top ways that you can save fuel as a driver. So keep reading!

Try And Avoid Driving During Rush Hour

Like we previously mentioned, driving in rush hour means traffic jams and constant stop-start driving. Dependant on whereabouts in the UK you live, the severity of traffic can differ, and it can also vary from the distance in which you have to drive. We recommend that if you are stuck in traffic, you try and keep a slow and consistent speed. If you can see in front of you that there is a traffic jam building up, slow down and crawl towards the upcoming traffic. As you are constantly stopping and starting, it takes a tremendous amount of fuel to get your car going again in first gear when you rev, and it’s not much better going up to gear 2.

If you travel a lot during rush hour or work in an extremely built up area, investing in a hybrid or electric vehicle to save yourself money and to improve your carbon footprint. The cost of an electrical car charging unit may seem costly at first, but once you eliminate the need for regular fuel fill-ups and less car maintenance, you will soon end up better off and save money.

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Close Windows And Sun Roofs

Although this may seem like a point that might seem as if it’s not really relevant, driving with your windows down and an open sunroof can have a significant impact on your fuel usage. This is all down to science and forces, having your windows and sunroof down lets air into your vehicle, which when moving at high speeds can cause a dragging force.

This force quite literally drags your car backwards, technically speaking not literally, but if you are accelerating and this force is pushing your car back, you are going to be using a lot of fuel fighting it. It’s best for a smooth and comfortable journey that you do up any windows or sunroofs. Remember this when driving, and near enough anything that makes noise when your driving often indicates that it could potentially have an effect on your fuel consumption rate.

Don’t Carry Any Unnecessary Weight

Having heavy belongings in your boot or in the back of your car can affect your fuel consumption rate. This also applies for if you have a full car of people, and often affect those that have cars with smaller fuel tanks and engines. This includes things like work tools, golf clubs or anything else that you might cart around with you unnecessarily.

We recommend having a good clean out of your boot and making it as light as possible to reduce your carbon footprint and to make your trips to the petrol station less frequent.

roof rack on top of car

Try And Cut Down Trips

As tempting as it can be to go and pick up a takeaway or pop to the shop when you’re feeling a bit peckish, it’s not worth the journey! Short, frequent journeys drain your cars fuel more than long distance trips do due to constant stopping and starting. If your vehicle has been parked on the drive for a few hours, it uses more fuel when you start it up and drive it than it would being driven round normally.

This is because once a car is stationary for long enough, the engine cools down and needs to warm up again. You may find that if you drive your car early in the morning during the winter, this could increase your fuel consumption. So if you need to run any errands or live a busy lifestyle, we recommend scheduling it all in so that you don’t have to be parked up for long. Not only is it easier for you, but it’s better for the environment and your wallet or purse!

Regular Servicing

Believe it or not, regular car servicing Milton Keynes can dramatically reduce your fuel consumption. If all of your vehicles parts are in good condition and working correctly, there should be no reason for your car to have a large fuel consumption due to faulty car parts. Not only will regular car servicing save you money on your fuel prices, but it will also mean your car is less likely to break down so will save you money on car maintenance and vehicle repairs.

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Accelerate Smoothly

As tempting as it can be to zoom past the person in front of you incredibly slow when your rushing to work, harsh acceleration is one of the primary causes of large-scale fuel consumption. Never put your foot straight down on the pedal and remember not to stay in too low of a gear for too long as these are not only bad for fuel consumption but they can also cause severe damage to your vehicle if continued over an extensive period of time.

Start Saving Money On Your Fuel Prices For Today

Although you may not think about how often you fill up your tank, it can cost you thousands of pounds each year. Try and improve your driving or follow any of these tips to help preserve your fuel and to make the most out of your money.

For any other vehicle servicing or gearbox repairs Milton Keynes, contact a member of our team today! We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?

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