Motoring offences are a serious crime. Some of them can even end up with you servicing imprisonment times, so it’s a good idea to be a safe, friendly driver when on the roads.

What Are The Most Common Motoring Offences?

We have devised a list of some of the most commonly committed driving crimes within the UK. Some of these offences are more severe than others and can result in a more serious punishment. We recommend reading the highway code to remind you of the rules and regulations of the road. It’s important to stay up to date with new road rules to be the safest driver. A perfect example of this would be the new law that has just come into place about smoking with underage children in the car. Under the Public Health Act, it is illegal for a driver or passenger to smoke with any young person under the age of 16 in the vehicle. Breaking this law could result in a driving ban, fining or imprisonment.

If you’re feeling slightly rusty with road laws and want to remind yourself of the rules and regulations, we have devised a list of the most common driving offences – and what can happen if you commit them. So keep reading!

Running Red Lights

Running a red light is one of the most common offences all around the UK. It can be accidental, but half of the time it’s impatient drivers speeding up in order to get through on the amber light. Unfortunately, sometimes they try their luck and fall short, and fitted cameras on the traffic light catch them as well as their number plate.

Running a red light sounds minor, but it’s a significant driving offence. Red lights are used to maintain a steady flow of traffic and to avoid car owners driving into each other. Red lights bring organisation and safety to the roads. Without them, there would be an increased number of collisions and heightened traffic. Running a red light could end you up with 3 points on your license and a £100 fine. However, if you already have 9 points on your license, you could receive a disqualification and be fined up to a staggering £1000.

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Tailgating isn’t just irritating; it’s now actually an offence. Tailgating is extremely dangerous and heightens the chance of your or someone else colliding and causing damage to your car. Although tailgating is an offence, it can be a difficult one to catch. Only video evidence from a dashcam would be able to support you when making a claim against another driver tailgating, without them causing a collision or causing damage to your vehicle.

Tailgating is classed as careless, dangerous driving and can end up giving you 3-9 points on your license dependant the severity of the situation. In the worst case scenario, you could even end up with a temporary disqualification and fined up to £5000.

Not Wearing A Seatbelt

This has become less common in recent years, as children are brought up to put their seatbelt on as a second nature. Although it still happens even though they could save your life in an otherwise fatal car crash. Seatbelts were brought into play and made a legal requirement in 1983. After they became a legal requirement the amount of fatalities caused through vehicle collisions dropped dramatically.

Not wearing a seatbelt while driving is against the law, and could end you up with a pretty hefty fine. You could receive a penalty of up to £500. If you have a minor in your vehicle under the age of 14 they are not liable – you are, and you will have to pay the fine yourself. Anybody aged 14 or over is held responsible and could face a penalty fine. A lot of children remove their seatbelts due to discomfort, so we always recommend investing in seatbelt sleeves for younger children.

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Driving Without An MOT

A lot of people underestimate the severity of punishment received for driving around with an expired MOT. It’s essential that you have yearly MOT testing Milton Keynes to ensure that your vehicle not only meets the legal requirements, but so that is also safe for you to drive or you could end up putting your life in danger.

The only time that driving with an expired MOT is legal is when you are driving your vehicle to your local MOT testing centre for an MOT. Any other scenario could result in a fine up to £1000. In severe cases, this can even invalidate your insurance policy – which is bad news as a cancelled policy makes your next quoted prices skyrocket to prices through the roof.

Driving On Your Phone

This has become a big issue within more recent years. After there have been an increase in deaths from accidents caused by drivers on their phone. Being on your phone while you are driving, even if you just glance at the screen can reduce your reaction time by 50%. Phone calls with your phone held to your ear and conversations can divert your attention and make you drive carelessly. Being on your phone makes yourself 4x more likely to crash your vehicle than you usually would.

If you are caught by the police driving on your phone, you will be presented with 3 points on your license and a £60 fine in mild cases. If you have been driving for under 2 years, being caught on your phone once automatically voids your license – so stay off your phones young drivers! In cases where you are on your phone driving and you cause an accident or injure someone, circumstances can be extremely worse and you can be imprisoned for however long the court deems suitable.

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Driving Intoxicated

One of the most dangerous offences not only for yourself, but for other road users. Driving intoxicated means you nowhere near enough as much attention or focus as you would when sober. There are thousands of cases of drink drivers killing pedestrians, other road users or even themselves from driving intoxicated. We cannot stress enough how important it is that you do not drink drive, and do not let your friends or family do this. Being caught drink driving will immediately result in a driving ban, fine and in worse scenarios even imprisonment.

Avoid These Common Driving Offences

In order to remain a safe road user, remind yourself of the highway code and don’t let you find yourself in a situation involving any of these driving offences. Some of these dangerous offences could cost you, or somebody else their life – so be precautious and drive safely.

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