Servicing your car may seem like an unnecessary added expense for the month, although there are many benefits of servicing your car.

What Are The Benefits Of Servicing Your Car?

Your car endures a lot, from potholes to poor weather conditions, rain, snow, stones and harsh terrain. It only makes sense to give it a regular health check-up just to ensure that everything is working as it should. Car breakdowns are more common than you think, how often do you see someone on the side of the road with their bonnet up?

Don’t let that be you! You can prevent car break down just by servicing your vehicle regularly. Although it can be a pain losing your car for a day or so, but we offer same day servicing so you can have your vehicle back by the end of the same day.

If you can’t remember the last time you booked your vehicle in for a service, we’ve devised a list of the benefits you can gain from servicing your car just one a year. So keep reading!

MOT VS Service

Quite often we have customers ask us the difference between an MOT and a service. MOT’s are a legal requirement and are carried out once a year. An MOT is carried out by a car garage and is a visual diagnosis on over 22 different parts of your vehicle. A mechanic will test and inspect all parts of your vehicle to check they are in a safe and working order. If they happen to find something faulty that makes your car unsafe to drive, you will have the right to drive your vehicle stripped away – until you repair or replace your vehicle.

In the case of a service, a car service is compared to a health checkup in human terms. A vehicle service is not a legal requirement but could save you drastic amounts of money when you have your next vehicle check-up. Services often catch parts of your car deteriorating before they break entirely, so you can fix the issue before it peaks and needs expensive repairs. Although if a garage does find something wrong with your vehicle during a service, they can only advise you not to drive your car – although this is not legally binding and the decision is down to you. But often this ends up worsening the issue or ending up in vehicle breakdown.


Certain faults in a vehicle can put yourself in a dangerous situation. Some issues can cause your vehicle to catch fire, or in infrequent causes for your brakes to seize up and not work. These are both perilous situations, and you should never let your vehicle become damaged enough for those issues to be triggered.

As well as your car being unsafe in itself, unexpected breakdowns can put you in dangerous situations that should be avoided. Driving late at night is common for most people. Breaking down on a poorly-lit road late at night is a magnet for trouble and can be daunting even when in the safety of your car. Always try and drive with somebody in the car with you when driving to new places or late at night. If this isn’t possible then make sure you have adequate phone battery to contact somebody as soon as you are pulled over in a safe spot.

driving late at night

Improve Your Vehicle Performance

Taking care of your vehicle, in general, will immediately improve your fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions. One of our most popular services that will enhance the quality of your car and is better for the environment is our carbon engine cleaning Milton Keynes.

This service involves cleaning all of the rubbish and carbon that becomes clogged in your engine. Meaning that once you drive afterwards, your car won’t splutter out all of the excess building up in the engine. By tyres pumped up to the correct pressure, regular servicing and adequate oil and water levels you can improve the overall performance levels of your car.

Increase Your Cars Lifetime

Naturally, everything ages and gives up eventually. Cars do precisely this, but their lifespan varies dependant on how well they have been cared for. By taking your vehicle for regular health check-ups and filling it up with all the fluids it needs, your car is guaranteed to run to its maximum ability.

By running your car around on long distance journeys without taking the proper precautions and vehicle checks, you could dramatically reduce your vehicles longevity. Things like low engine oil can result in a seized up engine, or issues that can result in requiring suspension repairs Milton Keynes.

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Maintain Your Vehicle Value

If you love your car but know that you won’t want to keep it forever, it’s a good idea to keep it in prime condition. By doing this, you’re able to sell on the vehicle for not much under what you originally paid for it brand new.

Inadequate treatment of a car results in it breaking down frequently, and it’s performance levels dropping dramatically. If this is the case, a car buyer isn’t going to give you an asking price of what you nearly paid for the car when it was brand new. Meaning that if you haven’t had the car for long, you are going to have to knock a lot off the price, and haven’t made the most out of your money.


Planning a weekend trip or somewhere away can be fun, the drive is long-winded, but it’s worth it when you get there. Until you break down. Have you ever been in the situation of an unexpected breakdown when en-route to an event, meeting or weekend away?

With regular car servicing and fantastic homecare, you can eliminate this problem. Of course, accidents happen and sometimes are unpreventable, but most of the time keeping your vehicle in good condition dramatically minimises the risk of unforeseen breakdown.

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Get Your Car Serviced Today!

Car servicing in extremely important, although it’s not a legal requirement, we would agree to say it should require the same importance in order to minimise the number of breakdowns that happen every day. To book in your car for a service, bring your vehicle down to our car servicing Milton Keynes for a full diagnostic review.

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