It’s essential that no matter how much experience you have with driving, accidents are inevitable from human error and drivers taking risks that they shouldn’t. It’s always a good idea to refresh your mind with safe driving tips.

Why Use Safe Driving Tips?

You should always use safe driving tips while driving, no matter where you are or how busy it is, you should never take any risks that could put you or another driver in danger. Of course, some accidents are inevitable and are merely a case of wrong place wrong time, but you should always go out of your way to ensure you are in the safest position possible when driving.

As well as this, it’s not just yourself that you need to watch out for. As more often than not, it’s other drivers, not yourself. Some people with faster or altered cars forget how dangerous the roads really are and often don’t think about the precautions they need to take which more often than not ends up causing accidents. So if you see somebody driving on the roads like this, then keep your distance! Sadly they are just an accident waiting to happen by choosing to drive in that manner. So if you want to refresh your memory and remind yourself of the primary driving safety tips that you should take when on the roads, then keep reading! We’ve devised a list of the top safe driving tips to help you stay safe on the road.

Never Drive Tired

Drowsy driving is one of the most dangerous things that you could do. When you are extremely tired, your body reacts the same way as it would if you were intoxicated. Your vision can worsen, your reaction times dramatically decrease, and your concentration levels will plummet massively.

Although you may think that you are okay, you should never drive feeling tired. Or if you do need to drive, but haven’t had the best night sleep, listen to music and ensure that you make frequent breaks if you find your mind drifting elsewhere. We would never recommend driving while tired.

Have Your 100% Focus On Driving

There should be no distractions while you are driving ever. Especially if you’re driving to a location or in an area where you don’t know and are unaware of what the roads are like.

A new law was recently brought into place whereby mobile phones and handheld devices can never be used whilst driving. This even includes while the engine of your car is on, and it’s also an offence to use your phone while sat at a drive-through for a fast food restaurant, read more here.

As well as this, you are not allowed to edit the directions on your sat-nav or hold it in your hands while you are driving. It must be a built-in car satnav or be windscreen mounted to avoid breaking the law. Read this guide for the best sat-navs of 2018.

man driving whilst on phone

Never Drive Under The Influence Of Drugs Or Alcohol

Although it’s a very widely known fact that it is against the law to even start a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You would not believe how many people do it, even knowing the consequences and possibilities of what could happen.

Drugs and alcohol completely disorient you and reduce reaction time, awareness, your rational thinking and can even affect hearing and vision. You must never get into a vehicle with someone under the influence, or sit behind the wheel if you are under the influence yourself. As well as this, even some prescription medications can have some adverse effects on the wellbeing, always check the label and ask your doctor if you are safe to drive or handle heavy machinery.

As even over the counter tablets can have drowsiness effects that can make you not on top of your game. Things like antihistamine for hayfever often have drowsy effects, as do stronger painkillers such as co-codamol, so always check the label and to be safe ask your doctor.

Be Extra Cautious During Poor Weather Conditions

Storm, heavy rain and strong winds can all have an effect on your driving and can cause problems for you and other road users. Sometimes rain pours down so heavy, and in such big quantities it can completely distort or block off your vision of the road. If you are ever in this situation we recommend slowing down as much as possible, and if you are in a safe location and know that nobody is around that you pull over until the bad weather passes.

During strong winds, we recommend increasing the space left between you and another vehicle when overtaking them. As well as this, if you need to overtake a cyclist always leave them a bigger space during strong winds.

driving with heavy rain on windscreen

Do Not Tailgate

Unfortunately, if you ever go into the back of somebody’s car, unless you have extremely strong evidence or a dash-cam to prove that you were not at fault, it’s classed as your fault in most cases.

So to avoid ever being in the situation where somebody claims from you going into the back of them, we recommend always giving the vehicle in front enough space so that if either of you needs to break sharply, there be no collision. During normal dry weather conditions, leave a 2-second gap. During rain, you should double this number and leave a 4-second gap. Read this article for the best dash-cams of 2018.

Take Care Of Your Car

And one of the best ways to avoid being in any incidents or accidents is to make sure that your car is in a safe and efficient condition. Your brake pads being worn out could be what costs you not being able to break in time.

Remember to book in for your yearly MOT testing in Milton Keynes to meet legal guidelines and ensure that your car is in the best working order possible. As well as just an MOT, if you feel like your car has any problems and need something such as head gasket repairs Milton Keynes, then be sure to call your nearest car repair garage.

engineer carrying out car MOT

Drive Safely On The Roads

Now using these top tips, be sure that you drive safely on the roads! It’s vital that as well as thinking of yourself you take a great deal of caution of the drivers around you.

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