Preparing for a long car journey is an important process, if you let it catch you by surprise, you could end up uncomfortable and forget things.

Why Prepare For A Long Car Journey?

It’s crucial that you put some planning into place before getting on the road for a long car journey. If you don’t prepare yourself as well as your vehicle, you could end up broken down, forgetting crucial belongings or even end up crashing or getting lost.

With simple preparation tips, you can make your long car journey stress free and make your journey smoother and faster. So if your travelling somewhere far away and want to make your journey as stress-free as possible, look no further. We’ve devised a list of the top tips in how you can prepare yourself for a long car journey – so keep reading!

Wear Comfy Clothes

The most important thing when driving is comfort. If you re driving in uncomfortable clothing you can distract yourself from focusing on the road. We recommend picking out your outfit to drive in a number of days before you leave just to be certain.

We would recommend loose fitting clothes that provide plenty of movement and don’t restrict your leg or arm movements. This could be anything from shorts, trousers, dresses, skirts or leggings. As well as just wearing comfortable clothing, ensure that you can drive safely in the shoes that you are wearing. Never drive barefoot or in flip-flops as this is a hazard and can prevent your breaking speed.

Listen To Music

Music is a great way to keep upbeat and wide awake during driving, although if you even feel the slightest bit tired, you should stop off for a break. Put your favourite songs on a playlist for your journey using a music platform like Spotify.

If you have a modern car you can play your music through Bluetooth or handsfree; otherwise, you can purchase an aux cord that you plug in your phone to play music through your car’s speakers. If you don’t use online music streaming sites, you can download music to your phone or play CD’s, check out the best albums of 2018.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Never drive tired, even if you think that you’ve had enough sleep if you feel drowsy or find your mind drifting off track then pull over and take a break. Driving tired is dangerous and can be just as dangerous as drink driving.

Get at least 8 hours sleep the night before you travel, and try to avoid driving hungover or ill as this can also have a dramatic effect on your alertness and reaction time. Cant get to sleep? Check out these tips on how to send yourself to sleep quicker.

Bring A Portable DVD Player

If you’re making your journey with younger children, if they aren’t entertained they can be incredibly distracting and distressing. One of the best ways to entertain children while on a long journey is with a portable DVD player.

Portable DVD players can be charged up at home and used on the go no matter where you are. Pick your child’s favourite film and bring a few spare in case the drive is slightly longer than you anticipated. If you don’t have a portable DVD player, you can purchase and download films onto an iPhone or iPad to watch on the journey. Although remember that the films must be downloaded onto the device once purchased otherwise they will not be able to be watched without an internet connection.

If you don’t want your children to watch tv all of the way, then think of some fun games for you to play. Some classics include Ispy, 21 questions, or the singing game. These are all simple games that have been around for years, although they can provide entertainment for a short amount of time before they become boring. Alternatively, download a few games on your child’s iPad to entertain them – be sure to check they don’t need internet connection to be played!

portable dvd player in car

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is In A Suitable Condition

Your car being in good condition is one of the most important parts of a car journey. If your vehicle has a fault or you haven’t checked something correctly, it can become a hazard.

Before making a long car journey, be sure to pump up your car tyres so that you have a good grip on the road and avoid a puncture. As well as this check that you have windscreen wiper fluid, if you are driving through industrial areas or country road, it can become very easy for your windscreen to become covered in dust and dirt. Without windscreen wash, your vision will be impaired which is extremely dangerous.

Check your car’s oil, as without a sufficient amount of oil your car’s engine could seize up completely, meaning you could end up needing breakdown recovery service in Milton Keynes if you aren’t careful.

If you are really worried about the condition of your car before a journey, take it to a professional to carry out car servicing Milton Keynes.

Know Your Journey

Never get on the road without having any idea of where you are going, that’s how a vast majority of accidents happen. Even if you are using a sat nav, zoom out or look at a map and look at where you have to go, this way you know what to expect.

When driving somewhere, you don’t know you can be anxious and make rash, sudden decisions. As well as this you have the risk of being in the wrong lane or taking the wrong turning. Always have a brief look at your journey path and look at the estimated arrival time. You can download applications like ways that will change your journey dependant on the amount of traffic in the area, so if you want to avoid standstill traffic jams, this is likely your best bet.

pin pointing things on the map

Prepare Your Route Today!

So now you know how to prepare for your car journey, it’s time to get on the road! Be sure to stay safe, and for more driving safety tips check out our last published article!

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