It’s one of the most irritating situations when you are venturing out to a big business meeting or family day out, and common car faults strike to ruin your day.

Why Be Aware Of Common Car Faults?

Being aware of the condition of your vehicle is essential. If your car needs car servicing Milton Keynes, then it’s vital that you take it in and don’t plan any long trips until you have had your car seen to. Otherwise, you could end up broken down in a location that you don’t know, which isn’t ideal especially if your car insurance doesn’t provide you with breakdown cover.

If your car is showing any signs of wear or damage then it’s extremely important you take it in to be checked over by a professional. Some problems if left over time can worsen and even reach the point of being unfixable, meaning that you have to buy an entirely new vehicle. So, in the long run, servicing your car, although it’s an annoying added cost that you could do without, it will save you money in the long run. So if you want to know the warning signs of a damaged or faulty vehicle, then look no further. We have devised a list of the most common car faults that could be affecting your vehicle if you aren’t already aware. So keep reading!

Faulty Brakes

Your vehicle’s brakes are one of the most important components of your car, they are a considerable safety aspect and should always be in full working order to ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers. WIth faulty breaks, dependant on how severe your breaking time could be massively increased, meaning that in an emergency stop situation you will not be able to break as sharply as you usually would. Making you more vulnerable to going into the back of someone or collisions.

There are a variety of problems you could have with your brakes, sticky brakes, your disks could become warped, you could have trapped air, fluid could leak, or your brake pads could be worn down or completely worn out. In order to detect faulty breaks, it’s important that you look out for the warning signs. While driving listen for grinding noises when lightly tapping your breaks, or look if your vehicle is pulling to one side. Some vehicles will have a dashboard warning sign for issues with brakes, so watch out for that. Carry out slow and steady braking in a safe, quiet location and see if you notice anything different with your cars braking system.

Blown Or Damaged Exhaust

As one of the more common car faults, you will be pleased to know that a blown or faulty exhaust is much simpler to spot than one of the internal components of your car. The purpose of an exhaust is to reduce the amount of harmful emissions that your vehicle produces, so when it breaks down, it can be not only bad for you, but bad for the environment.

If you exhaust has blown or has a hole in it, your car may sound like a tractor. Although it sounds ridiculous, your vehicle will shudder all over and make an unbelievably loud shuddering sound that sounds like your car is going to take off. The worse sounding your exhaust is then, the more severe your problem is. Some more modern vehicles will have a dashboard warning sign to show that there’s a problem with your exhaust if you can’t already hear it. As well as this when you’re driving, thick dark smoke may come from your exhaust if the problem is severe, if this is the case then be sure to stop driving immediately as this is dangerous.

If you hear an unusual sound then be sure to have a look at your cars, sometimes due to poor weather car brackets that hold up your car’s exhaust may rust and corrode which then causes it to snap. If this is the case, you should act fast as replacing the bracket is much more cost effective than replacing your cars entire exhaust. Do not drive with a snapped exhaust bracket; if your exhaust is dragging along the floor, it can overheat and cause sparks which is extremely dangerous. So be sure to have exhaust repair Milton Keynes if you think there’s a problem with your exhaust.

exhaust smoke from car

Flat Battery

It’s annoying when you accidentally leave your vehicle’s lights and get in your car in the morning to discover that your car’s battery has gone flat. Although you don’t need to take your car into a garage for repairs straight away, you might want to replace your vehicle’s battery to ensure that it doesn’t die again. But you can fix this problem by having someone jump start your vehicle. Purchase some jump leads and have them kept at your property in the case of this happening.

Read this article for more information on how you can jump-start your vehicle!

Tyre Puncture

Regardless of how likely it is you could puncture your car tyres, you should always have access to a spare tyre in case of emergency. It’s better to have your spare tyre in your boot or stored somewhere on your car in case of an emergency while you’re travelling. Changing a car tyre should be known by every car owner, but if not then read this article for simple tyre changing tips.

As well as this, check your tyre pressure with a tyre pressure gauge before making long journeys, as worn out deflating tyres are more susceptible to punctures.

flat tyre on car

Check Your Car Today!

So check your car for all of these common car faults, now that you know the warning signs you should be able to diagnose whether there could be a problem with your vehicle. If you have any concerns or doubts, then be sure to bring your vehicle into our car servicing centre in Milton Keynes for an in-depth check. We hope this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?

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